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Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

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Published : 6 days ago

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I will never be able to say Thank You enough... Thank you for being my family.
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wow i just realized how i stopped watching you around 2016. i would always come back to check on you and now that youre confronting your actions and digging deeper on whats the issue i will be keeping up with every video! love you so much bunny and im so happy to see growth and you staying true to yourself :;;;;)

3 minutes ago

Happy to be back! 🐊💚

11 minutes ago

Why do you use abeauty blender when you cry?

15 minutes ago

"I never thought that i was the type of person i had become" woooow! Being able to see you processing this is amazing. You are on a path of self-improvement and im happy for you! Life is growth and development. Onward and upward! Much love!!

19 minutes ago

I know I’m new to you and your channel Bunny, but I love you and your videos and I hope that you’ve found yourself again and you continue to grow and be happy ❤️

23 minutes ago

I hope this brings on a new era on Youtube

24 minutes ago

I think we all knew bunny had $. I certainly never felt it was being rubbed in my face, but let's face it, 900$ mystery boxes? Lol. But I loved it! And I love Bunny! She's a beautiful person.

@grav3yardgirl I'm glad you're taking time to examine your thoughts. You're clearly a highly sensitive person and it's difficult to be that way but it's also beautiful and something people are drawn to.

30 minutes ago

so pure. so genuine.

35 minutes ago

Do u know I’ve been here for years and I love u cmon get ur head in the game u can do it ♥️♥️

37 minutes ago

Honestly, this video was everything I needed to hear! I go through periods where I get down about certain aspects of my life and seeing you give us true emotions helps people like me realize that other people are going through it too!

45 minutes ago

You can get through this, Bunny! Woo! We all love you and are rooting for you every step of the way! <3

With lots of love and your friend, Jennifer ^-^

56 minutes ago

glad you are back bunny. keep climbing and keep being you 😊

58 minutes ago

Girl, be true to yourself, and over time you hopefully will realize that's all you can do! Be you, do your best, and the good people will give you the benefit of the doubt if you forget to mention something or whatever. You CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE, and people are just unpredictable; you can't "avoid" it, and it will take too much out of you. Saw Shane's series with you; very touching, and very relatable. I'm 54 and I still have a lot of those insecurities and doubts, starting out on YT myself, and honestly, am still struggling with my inner demons. But it gets better, I promise. :) If you need a Momma figure, here I am. ;) I am so proud of you. Have been subscribed for 3 years and rootin' for ya! Change is inevitable, and transitions are always a little bumpy. Just keep goin'!!! :) Be you, and when you believe in YOU, you will eventually feel more secure. Good luck, and hug! (Hi from Vancouver BC Canada)

59 minutes ago

Bunny I’m back with you. I’ve returned to the swamp after the whole series. I feel you. I suffer like you everyday. And this was like an old friend called to say hi.

1 hour ago

I joined originally to see someone genuine because I could see it in myself when I watched. I have missed you so much and absolutely love listening to what ever you have to say! Also I miss your ootd vids so much they were my favorite!! I'm so excited to see how far you'll go and how hard you'll work with this new opportunity!!!!

1 hour ago

so proud of you bunny!!!! i love the video

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Girl, this WHOLE story is what's going to make you HISTORY!!! And not in a negative way. This is a come back story. You are going to explode and this is just the beginning. You've taken this second chance and you are RUNNING with it. Love this. Love getting to know you. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.
Get it!!!

1 hour ago

Bunny I love you. Your so pure and friendly. We're all here for ya!

1 hour ago

this is home

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Love you bunny💘

1 hour ago

I’m so glad to be back watching your amazing videos! Thanks for making us so happy! Love you so much!❤️

1 hour ago

You’re back 💗 I subscribed to you years ago and left last year because I couldn’t relate anymore, even though I wanted to so badly! You are a precious, sweet soul, and I want only the best for you, dear friend!!! Thank you for being transparent, still a bit rambly (I say that with all the love in the world), but really- thank you! Welcome back- you’ve been dearly missed 😘

1 hour ago

give this comment a like if you agree that bunny is AMAZING!!!

2 hours ago

I’m so proud of you, Bunny 🐰💕

2 hours ago

Gimme more videos!!!

2 hours ago

When are you posting again!?😀😀😀

2 hours ago

nice clickbait

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

I left but I'm bak and bad and i regret it i no wat bunny feels like her loosing views was me losing friends

2 hours ago

Hey ur probably not gunna reply to me but I have been her for ages and about 5 years ago when I was 7 I didn't have a YouTube account, there was the odd video where you could tell the happiness was fake and you did often talk about ur anxiety but the way you always said it made it seem a happy/good thing. And watching you cry, even if it seems really shitty, relieves me. All that plastic surgery from the does this thing really work stopped people from seeing the depression. I haven't watched ur videos in a hot minute mainly because I'm a guy and not really interested in your make up hauls and stuff but I'm happy I came. My boyfriend told me that your channel had died and something about Shaun's colab with you. Since I was 7 I loved you and watched every video you uploaded and they were always the same and that was the best youtuber ever. The fan mail does this thing really work and those collectible mystery bags. The amount of videos I have watched I have seen you 'sippy, sippy' like 400 times and heard you sing the mail song 50 times and 'today is everybody's favorite day of the week' and the one thing every body should do 'subscribe and give an alligator its wings' 500 times. I have also entered every give away you have done since I was 8/9 and always hoped to win but we can't have everything and just watched you get funnier and funnier. I remember you wreck this journal series. And lastly i live in Scarborough North Yorkshire uk and if you ever need any help with videos or advertising and websites just send me it and I will do it for you

Stay strong, we love you

You the best , Kai Xx

2 hours ago

as someone whos been here for a long time ive always looked up to you always wanted your product cause its inspiring just to know you were able to collab with these huge companies the thing when shane had people say click or ignore it made me realize what makes me click on videos or ignore them and ive loved the ootd look books you use to do it made me want to dress up just for myself loved your old stuff with the paranormal but i understand that stuff takes a toll on you I LOVE SEEING YOU HAPPY if somethings going on behind the scene you dont have to tell us every detail just making us aware and the support and prayers and good vibes will hopefully help you through it if you wanna talk about the issue were here i loved old bunny because when i was younger i wanted to be like you someone whos into a bit of everything but enjoying life and taking everyone along for the ride and being older and see what you were able to get from all of your hard work has inspired me to work on my art more and try to be what i want to be because your story is amazing you are amazing start off slow go at your pace dont burn yourself out i love you and i love when you get dogman in on some of your videos im a huge romance lover and see you and him makes my heart sing and im so excited for the day i get to be with someone who loves me just as much but yes get help dont over load yourself <3 swamp family will always be here for you

2 hours ago

I’ll be with you till the end Bunny, no matter what! #swampfamilyforlife

2 hours ago

hearing how passionate Bunny is, is inspirational❤

2 hours ago

BUNNY I WAS SCROLLING THROUGH MUSICALLY AND THIS PERSON SAID "Your Idol moved to your school your 10th recent emoji is your reaction" so I picked you as my idol... 6 Million likes on that comment... IM SO HAPPY!!!!

2 hours ago

I love you ❤😀😁❤💪

2 hours ago

Welcome back and I'm looking forward to seeing you be more you ❤

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

Omg you are so amazing, I’m so glad you are starting to feel better about everything. I hope everything just goes up from here for you

2 hours ago

Seeing you be yourself makes me so happy. I would love so see you make a scary series and go back to unique clothes and makeup. I missed this bunny so much

2 hours ago

your amazing just believe in your self you got this

2 hours ago

We love you Bunny! I’ve been part of the swamp fam since before I was even old enough to have a YouTube account. I feel like both you and Shane had a bit of this issue of just putting out numbers of videos and not just doing what you love and want to do. While I still watched the only thing that made me sad was seeing how unhappy it made you. I’m so happy that both of you are getting back to doing what you love, you two honestly were a huge part of my life growing up and I love you both so much!! 💚

2 hours ago

I've watched a ton of your videos before, but I've never left a comment, it's never really been a thing i do. But Bunny, you are incredible. I love your passion and your joy and you silly goofy side, but this is honestly incredible to see. I feel like I've been going through a similar process of shedding a skin and sloughing off a nasty dark layer of depression and anxiety and this video resonated so intensely with me that I HAD to let you know I'm still here. Watching the Does This Thing Really Work series is what drew me to your channel, but your wonderful personality is what kept me there. I'm so proud of you for being this raw in front of so many people and I hope things only get better for you from here. <3 You are so very loved! <3

3 hours ago

Good to have ya back babe, missed you. ❤️

3 hours ago

I left and today was the first time in about a year I've come to your page and OH WOW. My dear Bunny is back.

3 hours ago

I'm proud of you

3 hours ago

So happy you're considering having someone come help you film and edit. Please give it a try. You've mentioned it before and have always said that you're worried someone else's editing won't come off as authentic, but I think with your and our feedback and some patience it would work out and it would be a huge stress off your mind and someone with the skills would be able to do the creative things you envision but aren't quite up to yourself. Bunny, you're making great life choices right now, please take this as an opportunity to take some of the unnecessary weight off your shoulders.

3 hours ago

love that you are crying into a beauty blender. love you bunny, glad to be back.

3 hours ago

I am back and ready for whatever you have to put out. This series has been everything ❤️

3 hours ago