""Today your heart shines like the sun.
Do not let your fears, pain or hardship overshadow and prevent see the glow of your soul.

Be happy,reset the bad, today is forced to erase from the mind all negative thoughts; curfew that requires to be happy is imposed ...

The Inflammation is a natural process that activates the immune system to facilitate the reconstruction of damaged or allow the rapid pace of their defense cells, if infected tissues. Inflammation can be clearly visible, as when we are bitten by a mosquito or we give us a blow, or produced inside the body, where they do not see it , but in many cases felt through pain, that tells us.

The problem comes when it is prolonged in time and inflammation becomes chronic , something that science still to be ignored, although some scientists support the idea that there might be deficits of certain nutrients.,
What if you are going is knowing that there are certain foods with anti - inflammatory activity and others that enhance inflammation .
Among the inflammatory are carbohydrates and refined oils, modern wheat (GM, the body does not recognize it ), dairy, fried or cooked at high temperatures foods, processed foods and GMOs, which contain trans fats or hydrogenated and fizzy drinks and soft drinks among others ..

Anti - inflammatory foods or "aspirin foods" are those that help us to eliminate inflammation and thus prevent inflammatory diseases and cancer.

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